Inquire Within! Openings At “The Little Lady Agency”

thThe Little Lady Agency was chick lit in every way! It was light, ridiculous, and easy to read. Those were all the qualities I needed in a book after reading the behemoth novel, Under The Dome. This had all the elements of a good chick lit story. Namely, a heroine who falls on hard times be being unemployed and financially strapped, then falls for and lands a more successful and attractive guy. There were the predictable mishaps and misunderstandings that occurred when Melissa decided to parade around London as Honey, an upscale call girl who concerned herself with helping men in odd relationships dilemmas rather than sleeping with them. Dispute the chick lit elements, there was very little heart to this story. The protagonist was so bland I could barely recall her real name. As her true self, Melissa let her family push her around and lacked any personality. There were so many opportunities for Honey to have a fantastic comedic scene but the author backed off from the them halfway through. Only at the end did Melissa get the courage to stand up for herself and take charge of her life. Obviously, I liked that development, but even that was lacking in excitement and the events just happened too quickly.

This was a bland book and might be my last by this author.


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