The Fix Is In For “The Fixer”


I discovered Joseph Finder last year when I stumbled upon Suspicion, a book with strong writing, passionate characters, and a suspenseful plot. That meant I expected great things from The Fixer and was not disappointed! The premise was that unemployed and penniless, Rick had no other option but to crash in his father’s dilapidated home that was abandoned on the day of his father’s stroke. When Rick began renovations to sell the home, he was shocked to find over $3 million dollars hidden in the walls. The stroke rendered Rick’s father unable to communicate and required him to live in a convalescent home, which left Rick wondering about the source and ownership of the money. The problem was that someone else knew about the money, and they wanted it back.

Rick was a great character. He was someone who made missteps while trying to impress others, but came across as a genuine guy trying to lead a good life. His reaction to the thugs who beat him up and threatened his life if he didn’t return the money highlighted his courageous nature. He was a man intent on learning the truth and doing the right thing, regardless of the costs. The best thing about the story was the journey that Rick went on that revealed who his father really was. The author crafted an authentic plot where a son discovered his father was much more than just an authoritarian father, but was a respected member of the community and a man with desires and passions.

I loved the pace of the novel and thought the characters’ dialogue and scenes were pretty believable. But, the essence of the big secret did not speak to me. There wasn’t enough impact on anyone for me to care about the secrets, lies, and payoffs Rick began to uncover. Also, there’s something about mafia type corruption that just seems like a 1990s Sylvester Stallone movie. I found that part of the story cheesy, but overall this was a good story.

This was a solidly good read as evidenced by the fact that I tore through this in one day.


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