An Author Goes To The Extreme In “Killing Monica”

thIt seems there is always a buzz around any book written by Candace Bushnell, especially since so many people loved her Sex And The City novel and subsequent HBO series. So, I was surprised to see so many negative reviews of Killing Monica and read the first few chapters expecting to hate this like everyone else did. Instead, I had the opposite reaction. I liked the main character, Pandy, a woman who struggled with success, men, and friendships as the result of writing novels that became movies.

Many readers seemed to think Bushnell was making a statement about how much she hated the real life version of Monica, Sarah Jessica Parker. While that may be what was happening, I interpreted this as a statement on life and women’s issues. The author explored the insecurities women have about other women, earning more money than their husbands, and being stuck in a career driven by men. Despite the topics, this was an easy read. While I would define it as chick lit, this would appeal to a more mature audience and those who liked The Widow’s Guide To Sex And Dating. The story explained how Pandy rocketed to success and then fell back to a gritty reality. Still, the novel had hopeful themes and plenty of misadventures to keep this interesting. New York was the perfect setting for the celebrity madness that Pandy and her star character encountered, and made this a fund read.

I realized I haven’t read any other books by this author, but I would after reading and enjoying this.


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