When “Finders Keepers” Pits Child Against Criminal

thFinders Keepers was a story about a reader obsessed with an author. This was the second story in the Mercedes series, but I didn’t need to read Mr. Mercedes to enjoying this. Unhappy with the way the author treated Jimmy Gold, the hero of his favorite series, Morris killed the author and stole a heap of unpublished manuscripts locked in the home to see what else lay in store for his favorite hero. Thirty years later, teenager Pete stumbled upon the treasure trove of manuscripts and money and became entangled in trouble. 

The story flashed back and forth between Pete, who explained his problems with school. When he discovered the money hidden by Morris, Pete too eagerly used it to help his parents avoid financial ruin and save their marriage. Morris’s narration of prison life was a bit too realistic at times. He was portrayed as an obvious and stock villain, who was predictable in he speech and mannerisms. Young Pete was the absolute best thing about this book. He was fun to follow because he had the passion and morality of an adult but the stupidity of a child. He elevated this book from another mystery about a thug attempting to do bad deeds to a great novel with a compelling story. As the story unfolded, I watched as Pete and Morris’ choices placed them on a path leading directly to each other. The suspense mounted as each of them became motivated by greed, money, and an odd interest in an imaginary character, Jimmy Gold.

This was just fantastic. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. King. Unlike so many of his other novels, there was not a supernatural element here. Instead, this was an intense look at two characters made compelling by direct and beautiful writing.


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