Discover Love On “Lake Como”

thLake Como was a mindless beach read. When Hallie’s boyfriend proposed she was suddenly unsure that he was the one after seeing him in a compromising situation with her boss. To get space to think about their relationship, Hallie ran off to see her half-sister, Portia, and stay in Portia’s family’s villa on Lake Como. Within a few days, Hallie met an enchanting man and was offered a job to decorate another villa in Italy. She agreed and began building a life in Italy to forget about her boyfriend back home. 

Hallie’s troubled love life shared the focus with two other subplots. The second plot three involved Portia’s marriage to a philandering Italian. Portia was a bit whiny and I never became invested in her issues. She popped in and out of the story to fast for me to really like or care about her, and her husband hardly made an appearance. The third plot appeared without much warning and didn’t fit in well. Hallie found her mother’s long lost diary and uncovered a shocking family secret. Honestly, I wasn’t that shocked and the issues that arose from the discovery were resolved too quickly. This was the point I decided there was too much packed into the pages and wished there had been less family drama. What kept me reading this was Hallie, who was fiercely loyal to her family and suddenly uncomfortable with not having all the answers.

The storytelling had a light air to it that made this a breezy read. There was also plenty of romance and romantic encounters to make this an adult book. I loved reading about the clothing choices of each character, all of whom were dressed in designed duds.

The stories were superficial and things happened too quickly without much explanation. But, I guess that made this a good weekend read since it took no effort to tear through this in a few hours.


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