“Step Back In Time” To London’s Swinging Sixties!

thStep Back In Time was written by one of my favorite British authors, Ali McNamara. McNamara enchanted me with her Love Actually series, which are fun and easy reads. Step Back In Time was an equally fun tale where Jo-Jo bounced around London in a variety of time periods. In the present, she was a too serious accountant who owned her own business. Music store owner George was the wise sage who knew about the time travel and instructed Jo-Jo to enjoy the ride. Jo-Jo’s friends, Harry and Ellie, also appeared in each of the time periods and aided her on her quest to get back to the present. 

When Jo-Jo landed in the swinging sixties she started enjoying life and helping others. She assisted her co-workers and encouraged Harry’s musical aspirations. This chick lit novel was on the immature side mainly because the characters were so superficial. The conversations were basic and everything was spelled out so clearly, it took little effort to read this. (Making it a fantastic novel to read while poolside on a trip to Las Vegas!) The reason I kept reading was Jo-Jo. She had a good heart and was truly interested in helping others. That endearing quality made me want to follow her journey even though the entire premises of the novel was ridiculous. Events happened very quickly and Jo-Jo managed feats that could only occur in a chick lit genre.

I thought this would be more about two lovers searching for each other in different time periods, similar to The Memory Painter. Instead, this was a journey of self-discovery for Jo-Jo that never fully developed for me. There were a lot of Beatles references, which I liked. Overall, this was an entertaining read I would recommend for the beach.


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