“Bradstreet Gate” Opens A Murder Investigation

th (1)From the opening pages, Bradstreet Gate was a tense and sinister story surrounding the death of a college student. There was an odd cast of characters who made up the people on Harvard’s campus when a student died. Professor Storrow, and students Charlie, Alice, and Georgia all had secrets that made them suspicious and intriguing. 

The writing was intellectual and clearly written by someone with a firm grasp of east coast personas and Ivy League politics. The author really developed each character throughout the ten years after the murder. My issue with this was that there was too much focus on the mundane lives of these characters without enough discussion of who the murderer was. The prologue told me about the murder but then the event was largely ignored until the last three pages.

For the effort, I expected a better mystery and needed a surprise ending for this to work for me. I didn’t get either.




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