Love and Secrets During “Jasmine Nights”

th (1)I was attracted to Jasmine Nights because of the historical component of singers acting as spies during World War II. So, I was beyond disappointed when about 20 pages of the more than 400 of this novel focused on Sada acting as a spy. That development didn’t happen for well over 100 pages, and it came out of nowhere. Putting aside that let down, the book was a pretty good historical romance. However, it started off a bit slow and the romance between Sada and her lover didn’t have much of a basis. I only began to believe in their relationship halfway through the book, once they actually spent a significant amount of time together. The writing was choppy and things were happening without enough explanation. I felt like large portions of the story had been deleted, which made it hard to believe in the plot, let alone care about the characters. For example, Saba left London to travel with a theater group against her parents’ wishes, but the small amount of attention given to describe her wasn’t enough to justify her actions, so it just seemed like the event needed to happen to move the story along. This was entertaining enough to finish, but could have been much better.


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