A “Tiny Little Thing” Becomes A Huge Secrets

thI have been waiting anxiously for this novel! I loved A Hundred Summers and was dying to read more by Beatriz Williams. This novel was told in two different time periods. The first took place in 1966 where Tiny lingered in an unhappy marriage to Frank, a congressional candidate. The second showcased Tiny two years earlier as she expressed her hesitations about her impending nuptials to Caspian, a dashing man who brought out her zest for life. Quickly it became clear that those two love stories were going to collide, I just didn’t expect it to happen the way it did! 

Even though this took place in the sixties, Frank’s established family with old money gave this a feeling of being set in an earlier time period, such as the thirties, which I of course, loved! Beatriz Williams has such an elegant approach to writing. Not only do the words make the characters appear refined, but the effortless nature of the events give the novel credibility. Tiny was a standout heroine. She was a devoted sister and a strong wife. Those qualities were contrasted to the reckless young woman who spent a weekend with Caspian deciding if she was really in love with her fiance. Tiny dealt with some serious issues, but she never came across as whiny. Tiny’s sister, Pepper, was a great sidekick because she was fun and fearless, and countered Tiny’s measured movements. At times, Pepper was the only reminder of the era, with her brazen quest for happiness regardless of whether it fit with the proper decorum observed by Tiny’s in-laws. There were some great twists I didn’t see coming and an ending that allowed everyone to live happily ever after.

Books by this author are so enchanting to read. I loved this one and can’t wait for more!


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