She Told Me “Absolutely True Lies”

thAbsolutely True Lies had a great cover, a snappy title, and a silly plot. Let me say from the beginning that this was a fine book, but it could have been so much better! First of all, I liked Stuhler immediately from her bio which portrayed her as a true Hollywood fan who appreciated good movies and loved classic actors. Based on that, I hoped this novel, set in Los Angeles, would have a self-confident heroine like Scarlett in the Love Actually series, who rattled off movie trivia and lived as if she was starring in her own film! Instead, the self-deprecating main character, Holly, wallowed in a depression until the job of writing the memoir of a teen idol fell in her lap.

Holly followed Daisy Mae around the globe to obtain information to write the memoir while getting deeper into debt as she advanced the fees to cover the rich lifestyle thrust upon her to keep up with her client. There were several times when the events were setting up for a humorous ending, but they stopped right before anything too funny happened. It was an entertaining and light story, but none of the comedy was laugh out loud funny. As for the characters in Daisy Mae’s entourage, they seemed a little too real! Diet obsessed stylists, flighty managers, and an overbearing ditsy mother were just a few of the crazy people who made this feel authentic. I liked that Holly was firmly rooted in reality and constantly commented on how bizarre the actions of the other people were.

This was okay, but my high expectations left me a little disappointed.


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