A Crazed Woman Attempts To “Remember Mia”

thRemember Mia was a psychological thriller in the vein of The Girl On A Train and How To Be A Good Wife. It had a fast paced narration that made me wonder whether the main character and young mother, Estelle, was mentally stable. Her baby was missing, but Estelle couldn’t remember anything leading up to the disappearance and the surrounding circumstances were puzzling. The novel followed Estelle as she tried to figure out where her baby was, and while I attempted to determine whether Estelle was crazy. 

There was a great deal of background provided that gave a full picture of Estelle’s life. Portions of the novel focused on events and facts important to the story, while other parts were narrated by Estelle as she relayed the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings she had. The detail given to Estelle’s senses heightened the probability that she was crazy because a normal person just wouldn’t obsess about a simple noise or smell the way she did. Clink, clink clink. Ring, ring, ring. You get the idea. I never especially liked Estelle. She was so odd, that I couldn’t get a hold of her as a human being. Instead, she came across as a raging psycho that I couldn’t stop reading about even though I didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of empathy toward her.

To be honest, I never thought I would read a book more demented than The Kind Worth Killing, but Remember Mia definitely takes the cake! There were so many parts of this story that made me uncomfortable as the author examined incest, infanticide, Munchhausen by proxy, and mental illness, to name a few. Despite the dark topics, this was a brilliantly written story that developed very well. Alexandra Burt is certainly a writer I will be reading more of!


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