Fooling “The Other Daughter” Comes With Serious Consequences

thThe Other Daughter was a fun take on the classic Pygmalion story. Rachel was forced to quit her job as a nanny when she received news of her mother’s illness. When she went through her mother’s papers she discovered a recent newspaper clipping with her father…the father she believed died twenty years earlier. Determined to find out the truth about her father and heritage she decided to pose as a distant cousin in her own family to learn about her half-sister and understand her father’s abandonment. 

With the help of Simon, Rachel’s relative, Rachel intends to exact revenge on her family by infiltrating their social circles and then revealing her father’s abhorrent behavior. With some new clothes, a bobbed hairstyle, and fine accessories, Rachel became the worldly Vera. But even with the new clothes, Rachel’s lack of education and refinement made it hard for her to fit in with the new society crowd her half-sister ran with. The plot was pretty light, with Rachel’s adjustment to society being the main focus. As far as exacting revenge, not much happened, and what did occur was lackluster. While I appreciated that Rachel grew as a person and altered her focus to live a happy life rather than chasing the dream of living her sister’s life, the ending came out of nowhere and was hardly believable.

This author writes with ease and lays everything out for the reader. This was an enjoyable and light read.


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