“Holly Would Dream” Is A Must Read For Audrey Hepburn Fans!

th (3)Holly Would Dream was just about the best book an Audrey Hepburn fan could read! The author created a perfect chick lit read using several of my favorite things: classic Hollywood, fashion, jewelry, and a Mediterranean cruise. As is the case in chick lit, the heroine, Holly, quickly met with disaster when she was fired, dumped by her fiance, kicked out of her apartment, and lost her cat. With no other options, Holly made a million dollar wager, chased after a new crush, and sailed to Greece! It was a perfect read for me. 

The delightful references to Audrey Hepburn and Cary grant gave this an old Hollywood feel and appealed to my love of the golden age of Hollywood. I loved that Holly knew random Oscar trivia just like me! Holly was a fantastic heroine because she was snarky but kind, fair but determined. She bemoaned her lost job and fiance just enough to make her situation seem real without making her a whinny character. The details of the attire worn and exhibited at the fashion institute where Holly worked would appeal to any fashionista.

The story moved so well that nothing seemed forced, which is saying a lot for a chick lit novel. There were several subplots that all took center stage for just the right amount of time. They blended together to create a perfectly timed story. This was infused with solid jokes, quirky thoughts, and funny moments. Something else that made the book fun to read was that Holly’s cruise landed in the same ports I had travelled to on a similar cruise. It was fun to relive a visit to Kusadasi Turkey, Santorini Greece and of course Roma, Itlay!

There were moments while I read this I could barely help but squeal to my husband how much I loved it! What a fun book!


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