Wrap Yourself In “The Magic Of Ordinary Days”

thThe Magic Of Ordinary Days was a charming book with a steady pace, which made this entertaining enough for an early morning flight to Portland before my Starbucks kicked in. Truthfully, not much happened. Olivia (Livvy) was shipped off to Colorado when her father arranged for her to marry farmer Ray. Livvy had a hard time adjusting to the desolate landscape, life as a farmers wife, and a loveless marriage. Still the book had a beautiful quality to it due entirely to Livvy’s melodic voice as a narrator that lulled me into her life.Livvy was presented as a woman who stubbornly refused to accept her fate proscribed to her during WWII and dreamed of a life full of love and happiness. Ray was a kind man, but Livvy’s heart was too closed off for her to see how lucky she was to have him in her life. To escape the solitude at home during the day, she snuck away to the town and made friends with two young Asian women living in a nearby internment camp. I could see the plot’s climax and ending coming a mile away, as I’m sure any reader could. Not only was the story predictable, but the incident with the young women happened so fast that it detracted from the seriousness of the situation. Especially with respect to Ray I was just waiting for Livvy to see the positive traits I already had.

This book served a purpose but I don’t know that I would have finished reading it had I not been on a plane without any other reading materials.


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