Love Is In The Air With “Mercury In Retrograde”

thMercury In Retrograde, a book about living with crazy roommates, was the only sensible choice to read on a weekend getaway with my husband, sister, and my sister’s boyfriend. This chick lit book followed three women living in New York who befriended each other when their lives fell apart. Penelope struggled to work in the entertainment industry, Lipstick attempted to prove to her socialite parents she didn’t need their financial help, and overworked lawyer Dana was rebounding from a divorce. The women were all interesting characters whom I wanted to live happily ever after. 

While I didn’t necessarily laugh out loud, there were plenty of funny things happening that made this a light read. There was a lot of time spent describing the women’s life’s before they met and their back story but then the author rushed through how they met and suddenly the women were best friends. Lipstick was my favorite character because she had the most personality. She loved the luxurious life her parents provided for her but had to figure out how to maintain it on her small salary. I immediately sympathized with Dana’s life as a lawyer, where long hours were mandatory and law firm owners seemed to delight in the fact that resulted in Dana not having a life. Who knew someone put me in a book! Penelope’s story was a bit harder for me to connect with because her journalism job was pretty erratic. I really enjoyed that the women supported one another while they attempted to find love and be successful in New York.

This was a cute story that was worth reading!


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