Falling In Love With “The First Husband”

thThe First Husband was an easy read about Annie’s quest to find her true love. When her boyfriend Nick walked out on their life together, Annie quickly fell into the arms of Griffin, a man who seemed like a dream come true. Just as in all good chick lit books, this was an uplifting story about Annie as she pulled herself out of a depressing situation while learning about herself and what she really wanted out of life.

Marring Griffin brought huge changes to Annie’s life, which required her to move to a small town where she didn’t have any job prospects and be unexpectedly confronted by Griffin’s emotional ex-girlfriend and his critical mother. The plot was well paced and had the appropriate developments between Annie and Griffin to legitimize their quick courtship. Griffin was an absolutely perfect man who only continued to support and love Annie. His unchanging affection for Annie was complicated by a reappearance by Nick. Annie’s best friend Jordan, who spoke to Annie in that honest way a true best friend should, was a friend I wanted to have.

The beauty of Laura Dave’s novels is that her characters leap off the pages. They all have a believable depth that allowed them to face adversity with true emotion. They are familiar without being typical, and have quirks that make them human instead of obnoxious. Because the families at the heart of her stories seems like a family I know, or want to know, I root for everyone to be happy. That all gave way to a great story where Annie had to lose everything to find happiness.

Laura Dave has quickly become one of my favorite writers. I thoroughly enjoyed Eight Hundred Grapes and this was equally fantastic.



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