“I Take You” And You And You!

thI Take You was the raciest chick lit book I’ve ever read! Lily was a man-eater, who also happened to be engaged. Although Lily’s family tried to talk her out of her impending nuptials to Will, she was determined to go forward, mostly because they had hot sex when they first met. Taking place in a mere seven days, the novel had a great plot and good surprises. 

I appreciated that Lily was an in demand corporate lawyer who was given weighty assignments. This gave her another dimension beyond just a woman focused on sleeping with the random men she met in bars. Lily’s jokes were raunchy, as was her view on a woman’s sexual freedom. She was not ashamed to love alcohol, and passed off her boozy nights as normal behavior. But, her quick comebacks and fast dialog made it clear she was an intelligent woman whose life just happened to have gone astray. The reason Lily was an endearing character was due to that duality. As secrets were revealed, Lily’s vulnerability was too, which humanized her. Her reaction to a key witness’s confession further showed that she had a conscious and morals.

This was a fun read!


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