Will “The Survivors” Uncover A 25 Year Old Mystery?

th (1)The Survivors started off when Davie’s mother shot his entire family, herself, and his friend Scottie. Under a new moniker, Cal Henderson, Davie rebuilt his life and became a psychologist. Then, one day, Scottie showed up at Cal’s office and revealed a conspiracy surrounding his mother’s actions that made Cal doubt everything he thought he knew about that horrible day. 

Scottie was an odd and neurotic character who pushed much of the action through impulsive decisions. It took a while for Cal to warm up to Scottie, but once he did, I enjoyed the flashbacks to when they were childhood friends. Cal was portrayed as a decent man who was spurred to revisit his mother’s actions, but next to Scottie’s erratic behavior, Cal seemed a little bland. I didn’t see any admirable traits to make Cal an exceptionally heroic character, and I wished I had. Call me a romantic, but I wanted a relationship to develop between Cal and FBI agent Jamie. She was spunky, but approached her job with honesty and integrity. I appreciated that her character was more than just a stereotypical tough FBI agent who spoke in cop talk.

The murderous plot was revealed through quick conversations with a slew of D.C. businessmen who weren’t afraid to use dirty tricks to get ahead. Information was provided, but it wasn’t immediately helpful to solving the crime. Instead, Cal and Scottie collected pieces of the puzzle and had to put them together themselves. This was a well-paced mystery/ thriller that used memory and hypnosis to uncover past memories that could reveal the truth. I really liked that Cal’s education were useful to uncovering past memories, and this emphasis bolstered the plot in an original way. The writing was descriptive and factual, and perfect for this type of novel.

I am grateful to the author for sending me a copy of his novel, and am already looking forward to reading the next installment of the Cal Henderson series.






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