Careful! “Girl Waits With Gun”!

thI got roped in with Girl Waits With Gun’s clever title and cute cover. Enough said? 

This was the story of three sisters, Constance, Norma, and Fleurette, who refused to cower to a manufacturing giant after he collided with their car and damaged it. Rather than pay the women the meager amount for the repairs, he launched an attack on them and their home. The plot was pretty tepid and had some seriously dull moments. I just kept waiting for this to get better, given that this story was described as being full of madcap escapades – I don’t think so. The main character, Constance, kept me reading because she had an interesting story and her devotion to protecting her sisters was endearing. She was the best thing about this novel. Constance’s courage and ability to follow her dreams made her a heroine who developed for the better with each negative event forced upon her.
Unfortunately, this was I book I felt needed to be much shorter. The author could have easily lopped off a hundred pages or so by eliminating the bizarre details of the homing pigeons and refraining from repetitive situations. I mean, how many times can the girls’ house be vandalized or a money drop be attempted? I wanted to like Constance more than I did, but there wasn’t enough action happening for me.
Overall, this was just an okay read.

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