“Re Jane” Is A Love Letter To New York’s Diversity

thRe Jane was a romantic coming of age story of Jane Re that occurred as a result of becoming an au pair to a young Chinese girl in New York. As a half Korean half American, Jane immediately identified with Devon’s difficult childhood as an adopted child by two Americans. The story bounced from New York to Korea as Jane traveled back to her homeland to uncover the secrets of her mother’s tragic love story. Those elements made this a hearty read.¬†

For some reason, I expected this novel to be similar to The Nanny Diaries, but only about a third of the book focused on Jane’s nanny job, and that portion wasn’t too humorous. Instead, the novel was a heartfelt narrative of a woman who just didn’t quite fit into any social circle and the impact that had on her ability to love herself and love another. It was interesting to see how Jane’s Korean relatives acted differently in New York than those who lived in Korean, which further added confusion to her life. Jane’s best friend provided the constant voice of reason and I enjoyed their interaction. The author really did a great job of tying things together, and using characters’ minor traits to provide an ending for everyone.

While this wasn’t the comedic read I anticipated, I really enjoyed this.


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