Get A Glimpse Of The “Movie Star By Lizzie Pepper”

thMovie Star By Lizzie Pepper was a fun re-imagining of the whirlwind romance between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Written as if it was the memoir of Lizzie Pepper, Lizzie described how falling in love with Rob Mars, People’s most eligible bachelor, changed her life in unimaginable ways. To capture the Scientology element in Tom Cruise’s actual life, Rob’s life was ruled by a cult-like organization in L.A. who couldn’t wait to indoctrinate Lizzie and brainwash her children. This has all the craziness I would expect from a Hollywood love affair and was very entertaining! 

It was hard for Lizzie to remain in reality after Rob borrowed a yacht and whisked her away to a private island. His unbelievable lifestyle appealed to Lizzie, and before she knew it, she was falling for America’s favorite actor. Their quick courtship that brought major life changes, including the inability to walk a public street without being hounded by paparazzi. Soon Lizzie abandoned her family on holidays, isolated her best friend, and believed in the cult. Finally, Lizzie wondered whether her perfect husband was playing a part or was actually in love with her.

This had much more substance than I anticipated. Lizzie grew as a mother, actress, and woman, while battling sneaky assistants, press leaks, and major secrets. Truthfully, I envisioned Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise as the main characters as I read, which made this seem even more believable.

This was a fun book filled with lots of action. I’m glad I read it and would highly recommend it.


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