Biting The “Hand That Feeds You”

thThe description of the opening scenes of the Hand That Feeds You definitely made me pause before reading this. Did I really want to read a book where dogs gnawed off the face of the main character’s boyfriend? Apparently the answer is yes. I started to get sucked in by the main character’s personality early on, which was something that made this book different from all the other books about men who lead other lives. 

Morgan was completing her thesis on victim psychology when she encountered Bennett, a man she should have known better than to get involved with. Upon Bennett’s death, Morgan learned that there were no records of his birth, his parents didn’t exist, and his home wasn’t located where he said it was. Morgan set off on a quest to uncover who Bennett really was and ended up finding several more women who were engaged to Bennett. I liked that Morgan’s training and education with sociopaths were revealed throughout the book. The information made reminded Morgan that she should have been able to see that Bennett fit the profile of the very type of person she knew to be wary of and further made her feel victimized.

Some of the actions were a little too convenient, but necessary to move the story along. Since I am not a dog person, there was a little too much emphasis on the dogs for me. I kind of zoned out when the dogs were undergoing their tests to see if they were still dangerous.

I thought the book was well paced and had great plot peaks. This was a good read I would recommend.


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