Getting Lost “In A Dark, Dark Wood”

thInto A Dark, Dark Wood had that sinister element that kept me on the edge of my seat. I also just loved that there was a double word and comma in the title- who does that!? From the narration in the present, Nora was wounded and in the hospital. The narration in the past explained her arrival at a bachelorette party of an old friend in the English countryside. That left me wondering what would happen to land her handcuffed to a hospital bed and accused of murder.

I was anxious to understand the disconnect between Clare and Nora, which was obviously something significant. An odd group of people converged in the glass house to celebrate Clare’s impending nuptials. Their interactions (playing the game Never, Have I Ever, and snorting cocaine) didn’t exactly impress me. The story’s pacing was pretty tepid until about 200 pages in, when suddenly all the action happened and every secret was revealed.

I liked the story and the conclusion, but there just wasn’t enough build up for the events, rendering this a three star read.


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