Avoid The Witch Living At “666 Park Avenue”

th (1)666 Park Avenue was a fun chick lit book to get in the mood for Halloween. When her grandmother died, Jane’s life changed when she suddenly learned she was from a long line of witches and that she too was a witch. Jane focused on following her grandmother’s instructions to hide her new powers, which included not telling her fiance, Malcolm. But Malcolm and his family knew more about Jane and her powers that she did. 

Since Jane’s grandmother tried to protect her by not telling her of her abilities, Jane had no idea how to use her powers. Jane also didn’t realize there was a legacy of several prominent families of witches all living in New York who would want Jane in their family to continue to supernatural bloodline. Dee, a young woman interested in the Wiccan, befriended Jane and helped her understand who she was and what she was capable of. While Jane struggled to learn her heritage and wield her power, Malcolm’s mother, Lynne, was the quintessential witch from hell – pun intended. Lynne was overbearing and insisted on managing every aspect of the wedding and Jane’s life.

This was a good story told in an easy reading style. Jane’s personality developed as the story progressed and she was tested by Lynne. There was also great character development as Jane’s initial focus on being a doting girlfriend and wedding planner gave way to fighting evil and being happy on her own.

I am excited to read the next book in the series!


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