Happy Halloween! Get Spooked Reading “The Tale Of Halcyon Crane”

thThe Tale Of Halcyon Crane was another haunting thriller from Wendy Webb. Everything she writes is delicious! I would describe her novels as PG rated paranormal stories. In The Tale Of Halcyon Crane, there was enough spooky action to make this a scary ghost story, but also enough character development to make it am interesting read about a young woman discovering herself while learning about her family’s secret history. 

With all of Webb’s stories, she created a great setting and premise. Here, Hallie received a letter from an attorney that explained she inherited her mother’s family estate on a small and remote island. Hallie was disturbed by the news given that she grew up believing that her mother perished in a fire when Hallie was young. When her father also died, Hallie ventured to the isolated island to learn about her mother. There, she learned her name was actually Halcyon and that her father was believed to be a murderer! Halcyon moved into the stately home and attempted to fit in with the other residents, while falling for Will. Halcyon’s afternoons were spent with Iris, an elderly housekeeper who told Halcyon the  horror filled tales of the members of her family.

Webb has a relaxed writing style that is easy to read. The plot and tempo moved along steadily while Halcyon faced several different issues, learning her mother was dead, learning her father lied to her, wondering whether her father was a murdered, and the most terrifying realizing her house was haunted by evil spirits! Halcyon was a great character because she was inquisitive, but still came across as a thoughtful women who dealt with her paranormal intruders systematically.

This was such a great read to get into the mood for Halloween! I love Wendy Webb’s novel and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little spook!


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