Spending Midnight In “The Night Garden”

th (1)The Night Garden was a magical love story that focused on Olivia and Sam. Olivia’s family farm housed a maze and bountiful garden that bloomed even in a drought. The maze had the power to help those who wandered in it to find answers to their questions. But the beauty of the garden was countered with a poisonous condition that kept Olivia on the property. Only the appearance of the lover of her youth, Sam, could spur Olivia to find a cure. There was a light quality to the writing that gave the novel a happy tone. The similes were to beautiful and positive things. The only ugliness here were the poisonous plants and Olivia’s power to cause physical pain to other.  A nasty neighbor intent on destroying Olivia’s family was another irritant to the story. I liked the idea of this novel more than I liked the novel. After a few chapters, the pace slowed significantly when it turned into a soapy love story. Each character spent too much time thinking about what was happening and then recounting what just happened, rather than doing anything.

This was a good book for a lazy day.


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