Cloaked In “The Dark Glamour”

thThe Dark Glamour was the second installment to the 666 Park Avenue series, and although I loved the main character, Jane, it wasn’t as good as the first novel. Jane was still a determined young woman who wanted to use her new magic powers for good, but the plot didn’t provide her with the same important motivations as the first book did. What made the first book work so well was that Jane struggled to fit in with her in-laws and harness her magic while defeating the evil witches in New York. Here, her actions were hard to root for because they were so ridiculous. 

In this installment, Jane realized her former fiance’s sister wasn’t dead after all and set out on a quest to find her. To do so, Jane immersed herself in a group of people who were horrible and horrible to read about. As a result, I didn’t care about the peripheral characters at all, and neither did Jane. I did like the inclusion of magic potions, spells, and amulets that held powers. Because Jane didn’t grow as a character like she did in the first book I liked her a little less.

This was still a fund and mindless read, but I won’t read the rest of the series.


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