Family Secrets Are Revealed Upon The “Return to Mandalay Bay”

thReturn to Mandalay Bay was my second book by Rosanna Ley. I previously really enjoyed her novel, The Villa, which is still my favorite book by her. When Eva set off to several countries in Asia to purchase antiques for her employer, she also agreed to deliver a treasure to a mysterious woman for her grandfather. I loved the Asian setting and really felt that I learned quite a bit about the cultures of the cities that Eva traveled to for work. 

Despite the vibrant locales, this novel read like a young adult book with one dimensional characters who were too impetuous to be believable, hidden treasure guarded by stock villains, and love stories that never quite developed the passion needed to make enduring. I liked Eva in the beginning, but my interest waned from reading too many scenes with her that didn’t advance the story. At times, this seemed like a cheesy 1980’s heist movie with obvious bad guys and corny dialogue.

I almost can’t believe this was written by the same author as The Villa, a story that was so lovely to read!


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