Can You Survive “The Glittering World”

th (1)The Glittering World was an utterly bizarre tale of the supernatural. Truthfully, it was a little too weird for me, although I did appreciate some of the themes. Basically, Blue returned to a small town with his friends to claim his newly inherited grandmother’s home. Once there, he learned that as a child he was lost in the woods for several weeks with another girl. He had no recollection of being lost, but suddenly felt that he was being summoned back into the woods by voices. Blue, and each of his three friends, were each afforded an entire chapter to tell the story, but despite that narrative decision, I hardly learned anything about the characters. I didn’t feel that I got to know any of them as individuals, which left me disconnected to the novel. Instead, they all just seemed to be conduits to move along the story. There were some interesting themes here about self-control, and power, and humanity, but again because I wasn’t totally invested in the people, those stories didn’t have much of an impact on me.

The wording was so lengthy that it took a bit of effort to read some of the passages. Some of the descriptions fo the events were also hard to follow, which made the supernatural events even harder to get a handle on. This was creepy and weird, and made me contemplating giving up on sci-fi/fantasy literature in the future. Maybe I’m just too practical for.


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