Extra! Extra! Read All About This “White Collar Girl”

thWhite Collar Girl quickly became a favorite! I just loved this story about a determined female journalist in the 1950’s. I liked Jordan and really wanted her to succeed at her new position as a journalist in corrupt Chicago. This was predictable in the sense that I knew she would deal with sexist treatment from the male reports and expected any man she dated to discredit her journalist instincts by only wanting her to be his wife. But those plot lines were used very well and in less than predictable ways. 

The setting of the story was Chicago at its most corrupt, which provided a plethora of leads for Jordan to follow and resulted in interesting news stories. Because this novel spanned several years, Jordan had the opportunity to discover multiple scoops and hone her investigative skills. The writing bug was in Jordan’s genes, which she inherited from her war correspondent father and poet mother. But she was especially motivated by her brother and wanted to carry on the position he held as a reporter prior to his untimely death.

This had a Mad Men feel to it, with domineering make bosses who enjoyed pushing females to tears and peers who relished in taking credit for Jordan’s stories. Her motivation and drive was abundantly clear and made her a heroine determined to beat her male colleagues who took advantage of her. Jordan took some missteps as she realized who she was as a person and as a reporter it her journey was engaging and fun to read. She actually reminded me of Nancy Drew with her hunches and drive.

Everything that happened was tied together in a meaningful way. Things that seemed a little too convenient in the beginning, suddenly had purpose and made sense. I loved this! I am so pleased I purchased this novel and have already passed it on.


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