Love Lost And Found “Along The Infinite Sea”

th (1)Along The Infinite Sea was a beautiful love saga set during World War II. This novel started off where Tiny Little Things left off when Pepper Shuyler sold the Mercedes she found and fixed up to a mysterious woman who claimed she fled occupied Germany in the very same car decades before. The same vibrant wording and imagery that is a staple to all books written by Beatriz Williams was again present here. Williams’ characters have such depth and emotions that they seem real. I lost myself in the lush and beautiful settings and in the love that Annabelle found. 

This was an ambitious story that spanned decades, took place in multiple countries, and allowed Annabelle to have two lovers. As a young woman who had trained as a nurse, Annabelle became entangled with a wounded Stefan and agreed to nurse him back to health without questioning how he received the gunshot that wounded him. Their romance developed while they were sequestered along the sparkling coast. Some portions of the novel that described their sexual encounters read like an explicit romance novel.

I went along with their love story, but never fully believed it. Annabelle seemed too young to truly know want Stephan for any other purpose than he was her first love. Stephen’s actions toward Annabelle seemed disingenuous. I blame the plot for my disbelief. The story was wholly entertaining, but a bit absurd at times.


Truthfully, Pepper wasn’t a favorite character of mine in Tiny Little Things and I read this in spite of her presence, not because of it. Her narrative didn’t seem overly necessary other than to serve as a point of reference to showcase Annabelle’s present life. To me, Pepper was a stock character who barely changed. I couldn’t understand how she became the obstinate loud mouthed woman she was, and just never really felt anything for her.

Still, the plot and the twists made this a great read. Williams really has an uncanny ability to create believable people whose stories read like autobiographies. Williams is one of my favorite authors. I can’t wait for her next book!

I was thrilled to receive a copy of this from the author from Goodreads.



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