“The Vermeer Conspiracy” Turns The Art World On It’s Head

th (1)Coming off from the dazzling novel, Ophelia’s Muse I wanted to read another book focused on art. That led me to The Vermeer Conspiracy. When college student Danielle went missing, her roommate Sabrina came under suspicion for her disappearance. Sabrina soon realized that there was a connection between Danielle’s disappearance and a shady art professor who tormented both girls. Sabrina set off to uncover what happened to her friend. 

For an independent publication, this was pretty good, but could have been better. There was plenty of action and a good, but predictable, story about the works of the famous painter Vermeer. At times, it was a little too easy for Sabrina to make progress in the search for her friend, and a few hurdles would have improved the story greatly. The author also needed a subplot and additional scenes to help bolster the main character. Sabrina wasn’t defined enough as a character because her entire universe was finding her friend. She needed more attention. The writing was very direct, and there were a few spots that needed a tad more editing to clean up the grammar.

Overall, this short novel was entertaining.


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