The Sun Sets On “The Last Summer At Chelsea Beach”

th (2)The Last Summer At Chelsea Beach was a youthful and romantic novel set during World War II. Addie’s parents facilitate her escape to America from Italy, but remain behind to help with the resistance. Addie struggled to fit in with the other American children her age, until she was welcomed by a family with several boys and became infatuated with Charlie.

Charlie and Addie had a youthful interactions that made this read like a young adult book rather than adult fiction. They never experienced anything that could have formed the basis of Addie’s love and so it made for an unbelievable romance. Their awkward proposal was also confusing and came out of nowhere. There was certainly not enough depth to form the basis for the rest of the story, where Addie was so hung up on Charlie that she shunned all other male attention and ran away to London.

The characters didn’t have any depth for me to be invested in them. By the end of the novel, I didn’t even care what happened to these people. There are so many better books with this premise, Finding Rebecca is just one that comes to mind. I wanted to like everyone so much more than I did.



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