Marshall Fields Discovers “What The Lady Wants”

giveIf I tell you what What The Lady Wants is about, you might not want to read it. If I’d really known what the book was about, I definitely wouldn’t have read it even thogu I loved Rosen’s other book, White Collar Girl. So, I am pleased to say that this novel of the love affair between department store mogul Marshall Fields and Delia Craton was pretty entertaining! There isn’t much in the way of a plot, rather this is the sordid tale of Delia marrying one man, only to discover her true love is Fields. The author just has a way with her writing that brings her characters and their problems to life. Set against the great fire of Chicago, the time period placed ridiculous restrictions on how people lived their lives so that society would think they were decent. The love story reminded me of a soap opera, with crazy developments that would be considered scandalous even today. With adultery, homosexuality, and murder brimming from the pages, this was a juicy read.

I’m so thrilled to have found Renee Rosen, and am eager to read more from her.



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