Duck! Hinckley Tries “Killing Reagan”

th (3)Killing Reagan was another book in the Bill O’Reilly series about notorious events in history. I previously read and liked O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln, and hoped this would be just as good. This was a fantastically succinct biography of President Ronald Reagan. Reagan holds a special place in my heart, a result of my parents helping me write a letter to him in my four-year-old scrawl and actually receive a letter back on White House stationary!

I was surprised that there was only about thirty pages devoted to Hinckley and the assassination attempt. Not to sound morbid, but since I have already read a few books on Reagan, I wanted to learn more about just those events. The brief stories about the brave Secret Service Agents who saved the President were interesting and could have been expanded. For example, take the agent who joined the Secret Service because of a movie Reagan made in his acting days where he played such an agent himself. Talk about a crazy chain of events! That detail was thrown away in one sentence, instead of being discussed at length.

O’Reilly wrote about Reagan in what I thought was a pretty objective way, and I was pleased when I reached the last page and saw that O’Reilly was giving Reagan the last word out of respect. This alone made me like O’Reilly as an author. I also appreciated that O’Reilly only used facts in the book that he could corroborate with two sources. As biographies go, this was easy to read but still substantive. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.


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