“Dollface” Closes 2015 With The Roaring Twenties

th (1)Dollface was a fun journey through Chicago in the height of the roaring Twenties! Gangsters, turf wars, and speakeasy’s were the backdrop for Vera’s love affairs with two men entrenched in organized crime. I’ve tried reading so many novels set in the twenties, but none of them portrayed the dangerous times of prohibition quite like Dollface

Again, author Rosen set her novel in Chicago, the epicenter of crime, corruption, and bathtub gin! Vera was a working girl in the city when she met Tony. It was only after she fell in love with him that Vera learned he was a gangster. Their relationship was tested when Vera met Shep, a gangster from the rival gang and also fell in love with Shep. She Vera juggled the two men, she slowly became a moll, donning her short, flashy dresses, and wearing her hair short.  Vera’s decision to marry into a crime family set her on a trajectory toward disaster. The illegal lifestyle Vera lived was obviously unsustainable and I waited to see how far she could go before her perfect world crumbled around her. The height of the story came when Vera succumbed to crime!

Parts of this were fun and silly, while others described the sinister part of organized crime Chicago was known for. This was a straightforward story without surprises or an in-depth plot. Although Vera had many moments where she reflected on the choices of her life and the impacts of her decision to marry a gangster, her growth as a character was somewhat limited.

My favorite book by Rosen is still White Collar Girl, but this was an exciting journey into prohibition Chicago that was entertaining!


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