Is Scarlett Finally A Bride In “From Notting Hill With Four Weddings…Actually”?

th (1)From Notting Hill With Four Weddings…Actually was the third installment in the Love Actually series. I fell in live with Scarlett O’brien a few years ago because she was a fun heroine who connected her life with her passion for movies. I found it endearing that she wanted well-known scenes from famous movies to also happen in her life. As all chick lit heroines do, she stepped from one crazy situation to another, but her good heart made her an adorable protagonist. 

This novel had some of the fun fearless qualities that made the first two books a success. Here, Scarlett is engaged to Sean, her love from the first novel. She also runs a successful charity and business that helps reunite families, a holdover from the second novel where Scarlett learned she had a secret half brother. Scarlett ended up in another mess she struggled to get out of, kept secrets from her friends and fiancé, and almost lost her business. Again, her devotion to her friends and kind nature helped her out of them.

Where the book failed was that the author incorporated all of the characters form the first two books into this third one and there just wasn’t enough room! The plot didn’t need everyone, so the story became crowded with too many conversations and scenes where the focus was the presence of the characters rather than pushing the story forward. It detracted from the essence of why I liked these stories in the first place because Scarlett didn’t have enough time to shine as a character. I was also somewhat disappointed that Scarlett’s friend’s wedding took over so much of the novel, when her own was crammed into only the last chapter. After waiting through two other books, I think readers deserved a bigger and better happy ending for Scarlett.

This was a good novel, but paled in comparison to the first two books in the series.


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