Obviously, “London Is The Best City In America”

thLondon Is The Best City In America was the first book by Laura Dave, an author I came to love last year. This was her first novel, and I could see hoe she had improved as a writer from it to her last stunner, Eight Hundred Grapes. Using her signature ability to capture family drama in a realist way, this book focused on Josh and his decision of whether or not to go through with his wedding only days away. His sister Emmy, became his confidant as they set off on a road trip that not only brought them closer together, but also helped Emmy resolve her own love issues. 

This was a short novel and very quick read. Part of the novel revolved around Emmy trying to be a good sister to Josh and help him decide whether to marry his fiance. Emmy wasn’t really much help in that regard, and the reader never really got to know what Josh was thinking, so the decision at the end was a surprise. The other part of the story was Emmy thinking about why she broke up with her finance, Matt. Since they called off their wedding, she had been in a rut and so the craziness of the wedding helped her resolve her own questions about Matt.

I liked this novel, but Dave’s other books were much better. I’m still very excited to see what she writes next!


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