Sending A “Shopaholic To The Rescue” Means Trouble In Las Vegas!

downloadThe Shopaholic series has been one of my favorite chick lit reads for years, and I was so excited to read the latest installment, Shopaholic To The Rescue. At this point in the series, I love that I already know all the characters and their quirky habits. Rebecca Bloomwood (nee Landon) is such an innocent and lovable character that I always enjoy watching her talk herself out of the awkward situations she falls into. This novel had Rebecca squished into an RV with her friends, family, and arch nemesis Alicia Bitch Long Legs as they tracked down Rebecca’s father, which landed them in Las Vegas! 

During the series, the novels have taken place in London, Manhattan, Hollywood, and now Las Vegas. The author has cleverly used all the iconic elements of those locations to show off Rebecca’s endearing and troublesome personality. But, the issues I just had reading the third installment of the Love Actually series, was also present here. The author included too many characters into the book without any need for it. Yeah, it was fun to see Rebecca’s mom muddle up their mission, but I would have rather seen Rebecca do that. Having so many other characters mandated that they each have a crisis that needed to be resolved. Again, I would have rather seen Rebecca be the star and play the helpless heroine that made her so lovable.

As for the actual plot, it was odd. Let me be clear, I did not read this because I was at all interested in why Rebecca’s dad mysteriously disappeared. His mission was not exciting at all, and was obviously just the catalyst to get everyone on a road trip. Not to spoil too much of the novel, but Rebecca didn’t exhibit any of her shopaholic traits that made each of the other books in the series so funny. At times, that made this feel like it could have just been a chick lit novel outside of the shopaholic series.

I’m a little disappointed with this installment, but I will still give the next one a chance. For that, I hope the author goes back to what made Rebecca Bloomwood such a fun character to (usually) follow.


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