Revenge Of “The Revenant”

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I admit that the only reason I heard of this story was because of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Even then, the previews didn’t sound all that interesting. But when I picked up the book, I was immediately intrigued by this story of survival. If you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, you know I love stories about people overcoming insurmountable obstacles. I was absolutely amazed at the story of mountain man Hugh Glass, also known as The Revenant

This touched on all the plot foundations – man verses man, man verses himself, and man verses nature. The story packed with action that kept me constantly surprised by what Glass experienced. Glass’s early life could have been a book in itself, where he was coerced into working on a pirate ship but made a daring escape that landed him in the trapping racket.

The book’s description lays out the premise pretty clearly, Glass is savagely attacked by a bear and then left to die in the wilderness by the men charged with watching him. He was determined to survive despite the massive injuries he sustained and traveled several hundred miles to safety alone in the dead of winter. His ability to survive by killing his own food and living off the land was unfathomable to me. I was unfamiliar with the gear Glass used and the overall political climate that described the constant attacks by Native American Indians on trappers.  The setting of the midwest and the life of the trappers in the late 1800’s was a huge departure from what I normally read. So much so, that I can’t believe I enjoyed it as much as I did!

The story was so well written and told with such care that I was rooting for Glass every step of his journey. I understood his anger and quest for revenge, a result of the author’s elaboration on the facts known about Glass. Overall, this was an incredible story that I was glad I read and could go on and on about.


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