Decide For Yourself “What She Knew”

thWhat She Knew was the story of a kidnapped boy, Ben, and his mother Rachel’s quest to find him. Rachel was an unreliable narrator, which made this a true psychological thriller. As each day passed without locating her son, Rachel became more emotional, and family secrets came to light which made the police suspect family members of the kidnapping. 

There were several people presented as possible suspects and because very little information was given on them I was kept guessing as to who the kidnapper was until the very end. Still, that didn’t come off as a great twisted ending. Instead the big reveal came out of nowhere since there wasn’t any motive given anywhere in the book as to for why the villain would want Ben. I think the book would have benefited by being shorter so that these revelations would have had more impact.

While half the book followed Rachel, the other followed a detective involved in the investigation and even focused on his therapy sessions, which posed a big question as to what happened in the case to push him into mandated therapy. Again, at the end, there was no big development for why he was in therapy.

This was a story that I was convinced would get better with each chapter, but just didn’t. It was just an okay read.





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