Saving “The Girl From The Train”

th (2)The Girl From The Train began when Jakob blew up a bridge as part of his role in the Polish resistance during World War II. When he realized that young Gretl barely escaped the explosion that demolished the train on the tracks, he felt responsible for the orphaned girl and vowed to help her. I liked the premise and didn’t mind the young protagonists at first. Their simple view on the horrors surrounding them gave them credibility as narrators and brought an innocent look to the war created by the adults around them. But the simple writing style nagged me, and soon became excruciating to read. I’m not giving anything away to saw that Gretl migrates to South Africa, and once that happened the story just stopped being interesting. There was too much focus on what the people were doing rather than how that made them feel or why any of their actions were important. This wasn’t a great read for me.


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