Just Exactly Who Is “The Grownup” Here?

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I was beyond disappointed when I learned Flynn’s new work was a short story. No one creeps me out more than the Queen of psychological thrillers. I’ve read all of Flynn’s books, and just can’t get enough of her unusual stories. I love that they always throw me for a loop. 

Just when I started to get comfortable with the characters and plot of The Grownup, some shocking and unimaginable events happened. I almost didn’t finish reading this because I didn’t like the main character at all. And I mean, at all. She got drawn into a bizarre cat and mouse game between a mother and her odd son, which was super weird. The premise posed made me question everything I was reading. Was their house really haunted? Was the son truly possessed? Or was something es going on? This so easily could have been a full length novel. Instead, some of the twists came a little too fast, but they still packed an incredible punch.

Only Flynn can get my heart racing with that ‘edge of your seat’ plot and then throw a curve ball that makes me laugh out loud! This was 55 pages of sheer perfection!


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