Come On, Just “Confess”

th (2)Truthfully, I almost stopped reading Confess after the first chapter because it felt a little too much like a YA book. But the high reviews on Goodreads prompted me to give it a few more pages and I was really glad I did! I found the because the youthful characters were burdened with heavy issues, they seemed older and made this easily appeal to an adult audience. Within a few pages, it was clear that the characters harbored significant secrets that could destroy the lives of others.

Auburn was a young woman determined to build a life for herself in Texas a few years the death of her high school sweetheart. I loved that each chapter revealed another layer of the secrets the characters were hiding. This was an emotionally charged plot with so many secrets that all tied together very well. The writing got right to the thoughts and feelings of the characters, all of whom acted with purpose.

The plot had a great flow and was easy to read. For some reason I expected this to be a sinister mystery, which it wasn’t, but I enjoyed it immensely anyway! It was more of a love to triangle, family drama, and character study. 


Even before I finished reading this novel, I had recommended it. This was just spectacular.



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