Making Wishes On “The Someday Jar”

thThe Someday Jar was a typical chick lit story where a young woman realized that her fiancé was a jerk and that she was holding herself back from excelling in her career.  The story was predictable but I still enjoyed all the goofs and missteps Lanie took on her journey to find herself.

The story began when Lanie discovered an old jar she used to place wishes in with her father. She named it the someday jar and was suddenly determined to accomplish all of the things she had wanted to accomplish. The jar lead her on a journey to do things she wouldn’t normally do like, meet her favorite football team and take kickboxing lessons. Each slip of paper in the jar helped her rediscover herself and get closer to a life where she could live happily ever after.

I liked the chief character traits of Lanie Howard who was cute smart and driven. There were also good supporting characters present: the sarcastic best friend who clearly loved Lanie and wanted what was best for her. Lanie’s mother who was only concerned that Lanie’s impending nuptials would guarantee her financial security, and the quirky old man who teased Lanie about her job. There was an obvious love interest who was a perfect match for her waiting on the sidelines.

The writing was easy to read and got the message across in an intelligent way. Overall this was a fun read, but was predictable.




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