“High Crimes”, High Stakes

thHigh Crimes was another thriller by Joseph Finder. This time, sharp attorney Claire was suddenly thrust into defending her husband in a military trial for war crimes he allegedly committed twenty years before. I liked that this was similar to one of my favorite movies, A Few Good Men. Finder made the military tribunal process easy to understand and kept the story full of intensity. 

When Claire’s husband Tom, was suddenly surrounded by federal agents after a romantic dinner, he fled the scene. The federal agents then explained that Tom was really Ron, a CIA operative who was accused of instigating a massacre of an entire town while on assignment. Claire was left wondering whether the allegations were true, and reliving memories over the past few years where Tom was a perfect doting husband and father to Claire’s daughter.

She decided to defend him even though she had no experience with military trials. I liked the legal aspect of this book even though the premise was utterly ridiculous. The pace of this novel placed it squarely in the thriller category. I was eager to continue reading and see whether Tom was actually guilty and if Claire could get a defense verdict. This was an easy read full of predictable banter and minor characters with overly used personality traits. The point of the novel is the action and the suspense, not necessarily the character development or emotional journey. Still, this was just a good legal thriller.

I have not been disappointed with Finder’s novels and can’t wait to read more.


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