Chasing After “The One That Got Away”

thThe One That Got Away was exactly what I thought it would be! It would be perfect for fans of Emily Giffin, for those of us who are still searching for characters like Rachel White: a girl who struggles to go after what she wants and then recognizes that her decision will cause heartbreak to another. This was that type chick lit book that was a tad more serious and really got to the heart of what a woman needs in a partner. 

I don’t know how I managed to read two books so similar in the span of a week, but this was almost exactly like The Someday Jar. Both novels had a heroine who was under appreciated by their current love interest and found herself more at ease with the forbidden man in the story. Here, Sarina became entangled with Eamon, her “one that got away”, when he asked Sarina to remodel a home he purchased. I liked Sarina a lot. She was an architect, and because she had a real job, she was more grounded than so many other women in chick lit who seem to only be interested in finding Mr. Right. Sarina was opinionated and outspoken when it came to her boyfriend’s family pushing their belief that she should become a stay-at-home mom once she had children.

This had good pacing and was an easy read, yet touched on heavier topics, like the loss of a parent and a debilitating car crash. It was a perfect blend of chick lit, and romance. I really enjoyed reading this and was happy that I purchased this book. I’ve already recommended it to several friends.



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