Destroying “The Company Man” From The Inside Out

thThe Company Man was another thriller by Joseph Finder, my new guilty pleasure author. His novels are pure entertainment! The premise of this was that Nick was a CEO of a large company with prominent past, who was hated by the thousands of people in his small town after the company laid them off. Nick was being threatened at his home, but the police weren’t much help since they too disliked Nick. When Nick finally took matters into his own hands, he ended up in a situation that threatened to destroy his entire life. While Nick tried to keep secrets from the police and cover up a crime, he simultaneously discovered that several high level employees were attempting to sabotage the company. That story line was a little lengthy for the quick conclusion it received. Because I liked Nick from the beginning, I wanted him to get away with, well, just about anything. I think that is a skill of a good author: the ability to create a character that the reader roots for regardless of whether the character’s actions are in line with society’s morals and our legal system. That twist made the book fun to read.

Still other subplots went on and on even though I felt they were unnecessary to the overall plot. Audrey, the detective who was out to get Nick, led this horrible life, but the plot just went nowhere. I felt like her story took too much time and should have been cut significantly. Overall, the pacing was fantastic! This was a thriller in every sense of the word. There was lots of suspense, red herrings, and mysterious actions to keep me wondering what was going to happen. There were some huge twists in the end that made this read well worth it! 

These books are easy reads and highly enjoyable! Such a great weekend read!


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