When “The Good Father” Makes Bad Choices

th (1)The Good Father was a book by Diane Chamberlain, who is a masterful storyteller. Well, usually, a masterful storyteller. This was not one of my favorites from her. From the description, I expected this to be a thriller where a young father, Travis, got into a corrupt situation placing his daughter in danger. I had no idea that there would be two other storylines that were extremely somber and dealt with issues surrounding being a mother. 

One of the other narrators in the book was Erin, a woman who struggled to overcome the loss of her daughter, which destroyed her marriage. She met Travis and his daughter Bella and was thrust into caring for Bella while Travis carried out illegal acts in order for him to feed his daughter. I liked Erin, but her story was so depressing. The other narrator was Robin, whose story focused on her love affair with Travis that resulted in their daughter, Bella. Robin’s life revolved around her remorse for breaking off the relationship with Travis and abandoning Bella. The women’s stories were just insanely depressing and really made this a bit of a chore to read.

Aside from the serious topics here, death, abandonment, grief, poverty, and homelessness, the story was slow to develop. I will say that I liked how all the characters’ stories impacted each other in the end and how each character was redeemed, but, it took too long for a real plot to develop. For most of the novel, I was bored and anxious for something exciting to happen.

This was ok, but not my favorite book by this author.


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