She Can’t Remember Anything Except That “The Song Remains The Same”

th (1)The Song Remains The Same began when Nell woke up in the hospital after surviving a plane crash with no memory of her life. I know, I know. What can I say? I am drawn to the utterly ridiculous. I somehow got confused with the premise of Nell’s family keeping secrets from her and thought that this would read more like a thriller than a women’s fiction book. Instead, this focused on Nell’s quest to understand her relationships and uncover family secrets. 

I liked Nell’s new approach to life, which was to live to the fullest. Unfortunately, she really didn’t do that, other than by wearing a beret, donning a purple sweater instead of beige, and buying a red couch to replace the white one. There was obviously animosity between Nell’s husband and her sister Rory, and that culminated in a shocking betrayal that had Nell questioning all of her friends and family.

The main focus was for Nell to understand what happened to her father, a talented artist who walked out on his family when Nell was a teenager. Over time, she recalled that she idolized him and wanted to know what happened to him. Her mother and sister were obviously keeping the truth from her, and from the build up I thought the truth was going to be a shocker, maybe something in the vein that he had been murdered. I wasn’t that thrilled with the actual answer, which made the novel somber and sad.

This was just about what I expected from these types of plots. Predictable, with a character who became a little whiny as she repeatedly state she couldn’t remember anything about herself. What was really missing for me here were any defining characteristics of the protagonist. Because she had amnesia and didn’t know who she was, it was hard for her to really carry a scene herself since she sort of lacked personality. I liked this author’s writing and looked up other books by her, this one just wasn’t a huge standout for me.



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